Large areas

We are highly skilled in large areas. During the summer, winter and in between. Large areas need considerable care. Winter service, green waste and leaves give rise to increasing costs. We tackle this problem head-on. Professionally.
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20 Years of Experience

For two decades we have brought order to large areas. We clear snow, secure pathways and surfaces, and keep green spaces looking neat and maintained. We partner with businesses and municipalities. Give us a shot.
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Analysis, consultation and planning. It is what we do. This results in professional service for large areas. Our customers value our reliability and high standards that keep outside facilities, streets and parks in top condition.
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Prepared for Winter.  Bild

Prepared for Winter. 

Winter is just around the corner. Our team is ready: our salt spreaders are filled, our snow chains oiled and our snow plow freshly sharpened. Thanks to our weather station,…

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Easily recognizable. Well maintained.  Bild

Easily recognizable. Well maintained. 

Our vehicles are immediately recognizable in customer and employee parking lots, at trans-shipment centers, on streets and roads, and in many other areas. New, well maintained, reliable and ready for…

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New Outfit for our Team  Bild

New Outfit for our Team 

We are proud of our new attire, which, of course, has our new logo. SCHMIDT WEISSGRÜN has a new logo which focuses on our specialty: large areas. Whether it be…

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